the lure of the medium

ta da!
long time and back.
its been unquantified but surely sometime since i stopped active blogging. reasons being many n beyond the scope of this blog!

due to external factors n after some intrinsic inner calls later..here i'm once again blogging. this time i hope its going to be better.
better written.better stuck to.better read..and better fun.

creative embers fail to die down. even in hibernate mode they fume somewhere inside, fomenting a stifling desire to break out, to burn full. n thanks to all who have been appreciative of it and enduring, of my faltering grammar.

you have stoked it n i hope we can have a bonfire going sometime, sooner or later.

so whats hot in news for the week?
something dat struck a chord somewhere?
my generation never went thru dis so called monster of emergency.. we are familiar of curfews n stuff in J&K, and though Pakistan seems to be ready any minute to go in2 another emergency the point is that we aren't Pakistanis.

So the fact that Indira Gandhi, and that too being a woman PM [i amnt interested in adjectives lyk first PM, 1st boycut woman leader and all...please! for everything there's bound to be a first !period.] was instrumental in proposing, bringing it about and implementing it, is in your face for any of us.

And it happened to be the 25th death anniv. of that leader [ leader bcos she did lead ok, despite her fair share of blunders] who died with bullets pumped in to her by Sikh body guards. Apparently getting back for sowing religious extremism for the Punjab votebank. and thousands of Sikh died, in a wave of retaliation that swept thru the capital n U.P.

Human lives traded for fundamental errors in the mental make up of a few erring politicians.

The wounds of the wounded stiil fester with maggots that call for justice.
But justice too is subsidised, to those wielding influence. for others it comes at a lucky premium.

1993 mumbai.2002 gujarat riots.history repeated.most of the perpetrators still @ large.
i will stop blogging when modi appoints Muslim body guards.

political tone isn't the sweetner for many a blog reader so how about saying that SRK's latest airtel ads sucks? it does! he looks old, repetitive..the same style , a squint of n eyebrow..a pause b4 d dialogue...i mean airtel is a bit hungover still after the MTN deal fell over!

more of my thots on the latest mobile wars is saved for the next blog considering the fact that if i bore u 2 death now no 1 will read my next post!

So leaving u with the image of the day, which alas is shot by the selfless me.
the squirrel can never let go of its nuts. and i think i still love blogging!