Switzerland, Hangman & Bouncers

As far as I’m concerned it was a blur. Frenetic activity [thanks to my cousins] ensured that the day had a dizzying pace set to tone! So archiving it, as I’m realizing now, is quite a task.
Never mind let me see to it.

Hmmm...I think Sunday is a proper excuse for getting up late, isn’t it? Well 6.00am would still qualify as un-riseable to some & unthinkable to most, if the day considered is Sunday! But I’m on the minority side regarding this. Thought 5.45 was a hell lot more dignified than the perfect 6, but couldn’t resist snoozing for another 15minutes. It’s Sunday right?

I do remember in my younger days [no misconceptions please, I’m only 22!] Sunday was the shortest day & the sunniest. So thought the then 11 year old yours truly. Shortest b’cos I woke up late then, sunniest b’cos I saw the sun at 8’o clock instead of the 6’o clock default one. I had my different point of views then too. So I’m a born different.
Sadly folks at house & some others outside misinterpret this for enhanced hallucinative powers or madness as they term it. If this’s madness, I’d have it without a second thought.

Cousins left quite some bruises in my heels, forearms & fingers whenever I had a shot racing to the fence. B’cos a four hit is inevitably followed by a faster one or a bumper. They look up to the Aussies according to reports confidential [leaked it from my grandma!], wonder when they would start sledging me!
“Mate your forward defense is ******* leaking”

They’re leaving tomorrow, it was a short stay. But as always memorable & rollicking to the last minute. Come this Republic Day I’m supposed to return the visit. That’d be fun, a tour down under to the Aussie village. If you hit in to the paddy field you’re out. Just one of those crazy things you’ve to keep in check especially when you’re flicking off your legs. It’s also pretty much about the narrow water lanes, the grassy parambu, avoiding stepping into fresh cow dung & fishing expeditions [that was a past hobby, the latter and moreover I never held a rod!].
Those long stays there in the past are now gathering the moss & dust of time in some reclusive corner of my mind. Period.

Started with Lance Armstrongs’ biography & it’s an in your face thing evident from the first few pages itself. Looking forward to it in the coming days. Sis has got an exam tomorrow & I can’t help noticing that she’s a better picture, in fact a much better one of calmness & smiles. I was always in fragments & with a face set to a permanent scowl in the day before an exam. The tension was palpable as far I was concerned, though I concealed it to the best of my abilities. But it radiated from me I suspect, b’cos Amma always felt it I suppose! It was nothing but a storming ocean of anxiety & skipped heart beats if it was a lab practical. Compounded pressure stemming from an inhibition & fear out of my early unfriendliness with anything resembling a laboratory!

Made Amma see VeerZaara. She liked it. Yash Chopra isn’t topping my favors list, but I did join in for the last 20 minutes. Typical stuff but with a hint of class amidst the liberal dose of melodrama. Waiting to go for Taare Zameen Par. That’s my sis’s prerogative too. Might be we’ll manage it this week.

And tasted green tea for the 1st time. Undoubtedly strong.

Came to know that engraved in Karl Marx’s grave stone are these words,

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways. The point however is to change it.”

Admittedly striking!

P.S: After so long I played HANGMAN today. Not exactly brain whacking stuff for someone who’s often consulted by Stephen Hawking, but manageable. Couldn’t unfold the mysteries Switzerland the word offered. Got hung on that; courtesy my younger cousin! The picture showcases some action we had.

Lived, dusted, archived & done.